Digital Marketing:-

The world is a bit of a strange place at the moment and businesses are having to adapt quickly to figure out how they can continue to operate through the crisis.

We’ve seen businesses reduce disruption in many ways, like finding new avenues to sell, promote and be there for their community online. More and more services are offering delivery, online classes and even video consultations and at the heart of this, social media is the driving force.

The Power of Social Media
Not only is social media an important tool for businesses, but it’s exactly where we are going to reduce the loneliness of social isolation. Mark Zuckerburg reported that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger usage has more than doubled since the start of the crisis.

Seeing how humans are remaining connected at the height of social distancing demonstrates the importance of the internet and being online. Whether it’s gyms and personal trainers offering video sessions, restaurants and bookshops offering home delivery or craft classes and meet-ups moving online.

More than ever, having a presence on social platforms seems to be critical for businesses, not only to keep their customers and communities informed but to continue their operations without the use of their physical locations. So, while we are all waiting for the world to get back to normality, it might be time to admit that what used to be the norm might never be the same again.

How are Companies Adapting?

Government agencies, hospitals and critical organisations are using social to get statements out faster than ever before, companies have built new ways of working that isn’t reliant on office space which will no doubt see a surge of companies continuing the use of remote work in the future. Mass meditations led online; DJs, celebrities and musicians holding live Instagram and TikTok concerts; 4 million people tuning in to Joe Wick’s YouTube stream of live PE lessons – and with shops being forced to close it’s no surprise that e-commerce has surged. For some businesses, making the move online isn’t a choice but a necessity.